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The Internet is a Playground NYT Bestseller
David Thorne


David Thorne has quickly established himself as the world’s leading internet troublemaker. Since his emailed efforts to settle an overdue bill with a drawing of a spider achieved massive worldwide online exposure, millions of people have followed Thorne’s hilarious exchanges with unwitting victims reported via the mainstream media, online and email inboxes globally. Thorne’s razor-sharp writings, compiled in his first book “The Internet is a Playground” say something about everyday life we can all relate to.

Licensed to Penguin Random House US, this title debuted at #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List (paperback non fiction category).

Paperback available online directly from this webpage, on request from all good bookstores Australia-wide,or purchase worldwide from, or Book Depository.

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The Internet is a Playground Book by David Thorne


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David Thorne

David Thorne works in the design and branding industry as design director for a small Adelaide design agency as he is too lazy and easily distracted to do a real job. Amongst the multitude of his qualities, which include reciting prime numbers backwards from 909526, reading to blind children and training guide dogs, embellishment may be at the top.

David lives in Adelaide, South Australia, which is commonly regarded as the murder capital of Australia. This title is given to Adelaide not due to the volume of murders, but due to the clever antics of Adelaide’s finest serial killers. Ironically, Adelaide is the only Australian capital city not founded by convicts.

David reads too much, generally exceeds others’ tolerances and listens to Linkin Park. He stays up too late, drinks too much coffee, smokes too much, hates getting up in the morning and has offspring who thinks David doesn’t know what he has been up to when he deletes his internet history.

David Thorne's "The Internet is a Playground" Book Publishedby Fontaine Press Australia

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Format: Paperback + Hardcover editions
Extent: 216pp
ISBN: 978-0-9806729-4-7
RRP: $24.95
Distributed: -- out of print --


What They Say:

“The Dennis the Menace of the internet, Thorne’s intricately woven web of internet tomfoolery is guaranteed to leave you red-faced from laughter.”
Matt Bachl, ninemsn TV news producer

“A hilarious collection of articles that defines David Thorne as one the most entertaining and interesting writers in years.”
Matthew Moore, editor,

“The world’s leading internet troublemaker. Whenever I see David Thorne’s name, I know it’s going to be a long day at the office.”
Andrew Ramadge, editor,

“If the internet had a heart, David Thorne would be its mitral valve.”
Mil Millington, Author

“I had to look away I was laughing so hard. Hands down the funniest emails I have ever read.”
Catherine DiBenedetto, editor, WIRED Magazine

“In the dominion of social networking and electronic communication, David Thorne has become the king of biting sarcasm.”
Thane Burnett, editor, Sun Media

“David Thorne’s wit is as sharp, and often as cutting, as a scalpel. Hilarious and brilliant.”
Dave Masters, editor, The Sun Newspaper

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