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His Story
- A Novel Memoir - The life and times of Dick O’Toole
by Nigel Gray

An original and unique literary tour-de-force, HIS STORY – A Novel Memoir – The Life and Times of Dick O’Toole is a blend of memoir, faction, fiction, and radical social and political history that is funny, tragic, playful, iconoclastic, and satirical. The revelations are profound, the humour is black, and the style is a breeze.

Dick O’Toole is a rogue floundering on the assault course of life. His attempts at making the world a better place and his ‘doggedness’ in defending the underdog invariably lead to anguish and failure, but our protagonist comes up smelling of roses. Readers are advised to fasten their seat belts: they’re in for a wild ride.

'A remarkable work of literature. The writing is swirling and chaotic, rarely in one place, a terrific collision of ideas and images, memories and diatribes. Gray isn’t afraid of playfulness. I like that in a writer. It shows good command. Make no mistake, we are in the hands of an accomplished writer.' - Glyn Parry

"...a book utterly unlike anything else, and full of paradoxes. It describes riotous sexual adventures and misadventures, but is also fabulously romantic; and it chronicles some of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, while brimming with life and warmth, and often being laugh-out-loud funny. Reading it is like spending time with a friend who is sometimes outrageous, sometimes ferocious, sometimes tender. And it's addictively well-written. I absolutely loved it." - Margaret Leroy.




Nigel Gray, Birthday Suit

Nigel Gray is an author of extraordinary range. Some ninety of his books have been published – in all in twenty-four countries and twenty-seven languages.

His children's books run the gamut from picture book stories for preschoolers up to novels for young adults. Some of the most enduring titles include A Country Far Away; A Balloon for Grandad; I'll Take You to Mrs Cole; And Kangaroo Played His Didgeridoo; My Dog, My Cat, Mum and Me, and most recently, Doctor Frankenstein's Other Monster, and Hercules, Champion of the World.

His adult work includes novels, story collections, and non-fiction. As well as The Dickens Fellowship Award, and The Irish Post Award for Literature, his books have won four major international awards, been shortlisted for thirteen more, and have picked up sixteen further honours in Australia, Europe, and the United States. He has three degrees including a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Western Australia.

For further information or to contact Nigel, please visit:




His Story by Nigel Gray

Available from all good
bookstores Australia-wide

Trade distribution: Dennis Jones + Assoc.
Format: PB CFormat 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 880pp
ISBN: 9780987356536
RRP: $29.95 (eBook $9.99)
Rights Enquries: Jason Swiney, Fontaine Press


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