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Life, Happiness... & Cancer
Survive with action and attitude!
Phil Kerslake

Life, Happiness ... & Cancer’ shows how to:
• prepare mentally for a cancer battle
• create an action plan to recover
• live an even better life after cancer than before

Cancer survivor Phil Kerslake relates his experiences and insights with warmth, humour and pragmatism. He shows how action and attitude can win against cancer.
This book is New Zealand’s number 1 best selling cancer support resource. New edition amendments for Australian readers.

Author interview with radio journalist Grant Boyden


What's Inside:

  • Introduction: What is your present challenge?

    Part 1 Put your diagnosis into perspective
  • Dealing with misconceptions 3 2 Point of view
  • You can cope

    Part II Take action to support healing
  • Treatment choices
  • Review lifestyle habits
  • Relax and meditate
  • Cancer support groups
  • Healing as teamwork
  • Active hope and faith 7
  • Mind your language
  • Visualise health
  • Affirm your future

    Part III Explore and express yourself
  • Create your future
  • Humour heals
  • Write for release
  • Raising spirits with music

    Part IV Life after cancer
  • Post treatment challenges
  • A life with new meaning


Praise for

“Whether cancer is presently part of your life or not, this is probably one of the most important books you will ever read. It is inspiring, informative, courageous, and life affirming. It is a recipe for a beautiful life and it moved me deeply…as it will you.”
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. Author of internationally acclaimed best-selling classics Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Embracing Uncertainty

Medical & Support Professionals

It is a profoundly honest and simple manual. It will help patients, their families, their workmates and their therapists.
Dr Chris Atkinson MD, Member, Australian Oncology Education Committee

I highly recommend Phil’s book … his beautifully written way of providing helpful information will be of great benefit to others facing a cancer experience.
Doreen Akkerman AM, director, Cancer Information and Support Service, Cancer Council Victoria and board member, International Cancer Information Service Group

I heartily recommend this sensitive, practical and life-affirming guide to the complexities and uncertainties of cancer.
Dr Roger Booth PhD, associate professor in immunology and health psychology, University of Auckland

It’s a terrific book! It’s reader-friendly, knowledgeable, and calm yet inspirational.
Dr Jeff Kane MD, director of psychosocial education, Sierra Nevada Cancer Centre, California, US and author of ‘How to Heal: A guide for caregivers’

… a marvellous work…!
Karen M Meneses PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor & Associate Dean for Research, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US and author of Pocket Guide to Breast Cancer

Since some degree of emotional distress is a natural consequence of cancer for all patients, this book is a valuable adjunct to the medical treatments you may receive.
Dr Andrew Simpson MD, Clinical Director, Wellington Blood & Cancer Centre

Nowadays, when there are hundreds of self-help books on the market for cancer patients, it is enlightening to find one that provides no nonsense, easy-to-comprehend and achievable strategies and approaches that are flexible and able to be individualised.
Susan Adams, Oncology Educator, Brisbane, reviewing for CancerForum, Cancer Council Australia

Cancer Survivors Say:

I have gained great inspiration from your book. I hope that others get the chance to read it early on in their treatment plan.
Chris Stewart

Upon my diagnosis I knew that I was facing a psychological battle as much as a physical one… Your book was the only one I needed. I no longer stoop like a victim. I am incredibly optimistic about the future and shall remain eternally grateful to you for writing such a wonderful book.
Lorna Johnson

I am writing to thank you for that godsend of a book you wrote Life, Happiness … & Cancer. It has reiterated many of my own life survival skills which I have learned through various battles and will lead me to develop more; for this I thank you.
Trevor Morrison

Every page, every word, every sentence, I get something out of. Thanks again – you give us all massive hope.
Yvonne Robb Beaufoy

I have found your book to be so encouraging and easy to read with down-to-earth practical advice … it has really helped me to understand and cope with this illness as I’m sure it will help many others.
Shonamarie O’Brien

It is a book that I will always keep with me so that I can use it as a reference and a reminder … Thank you for taking the time to write it, and giving so much of yourself away to others like myself.
Martin Bailey

Thanks deeply for your book Life, Happiness … & Cancer. It has been so helpful to me, and other people facing cancer.
Rosemary Christiansen

Your book gives the reader a huge range of choices, but above all it’s such a relief to straight away know that you’ve been there many times too! No one understands like you do.
Lynda Going



About the Author

Phil Kerslake

Phil Kerslake is acknowledged as one of the world’s most extraordinary cancer survivors, as well as a highly respected cancer patient supporter. He writes for, advises and presents to people affected by all types of cancer, worldwide.

Welsh-born, New Zealand-bred Kerslake has survived 7 diagnoses of an incurable lymphoma since his symptoms first appeared in his mid-teens, 40 years ago. He is a prolific and in-demand conference and forum speaker and a best-selling author.

Kerslake’s remarkable longetivity-against-odds, his expertise and his tireless volunteer work won him an International Re-Building Lives Award in Vienna, Austria in 2007. The American Cancer Society appointed Kerslake an International Hero of Hope in Florida, US, in 2011.

life happiness and cancer
Format: Pb
Extent: 192pp
Size: 210mm x 135mm
ISBN: 9780980417067
RRP: $24.95
Distributed: Bookwise
Category: Self-help
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